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Canada Visit/Tourist Visa

Canada Visit/Tourist Visa

Those who want to travel to Canada for leisure and vacation need to apply for the Canada tourist visa. The candidate can apply for single entry visa or multiple entry visas depending on his requirement. The candidate needs to be healthy and must have a good character. The candidate needs to submit proof of funds and needs to ensure that he will abide by the laws and will return to his residence country before the expiry of the visa.

Quick Enquiry Form:

The applicant can apply for the visitor visa either online or offline. For online application he needs to submit electronic copies of the documents and pay the processing fees online. For offline application the candidate needs to submit the completed application form along with the bar code number at the Canada visa application centre. He needs to submit all the supporting documents and pay the processing fees by cheque of bank draft. The application status can be checked online.

  1. This is a temporary visa using which tourists can travel to Canada as a tourist. The validity of this visa depends upon the purpose of stay mentioned in the application. The visa holder will not be allowed to work in the elected country on the visit visa. Before the visa expires, he or she must return to the home country immediately.

    There are two types of Canada tourist visas:

    Single entry visa:

    With this visa the visa holder can go to Canada just once. Once the person leaves Canada he cannot enter Canada with the same visa. He needs to apply for a new visa. The only exceptions in this case are United States and St. Pierre and Miquelon. This visa has limited validity.

    Multiple entry visa::

    With this visa the visa holder can come and leave Canada for a period of six months at a time. He need not apply for a fresh visa during this period. This visa has a limited validity period.

    • The applicant needs to have a valid passport
    • The applicant has a sound health
    • The applicant needs to give proof of funds that he can bear his expenses during his stay in Canada
    • The applicant has to convince the authorities that he will leave Canada before the visa expires.
    • The applicant needs to prove that he had enough reasons to come back to his residence country.
    • The applicant needs to assure the authorities that he or she has no intentions to take up a job in Canada
    • The applicant must not have any criminal records
    • The applicant must not be a potential threat to Canada
    • The applicant must obey all the Canadian laws
    • The applicant might be required to undergo a medical check up.

    • The applicant must first read all the requirements on the CIC website. The applicant needs to check if he is eligible to apply for the visa.
    • The applicant can either apply online or he can apply offline on paper
    • In order to apply online the candidate needs to have a credit card and needs to create electronic copies of all the documents that need to be submitted along with the application form.
    • In order to apply on paper the applicant will have to download the application form from the website
    • The applicant must then read all the instructions properly. He must then fill up the application as per the instructions. The barcode page of the application form is mandatory. Incomplete documentation or incomplete form or processing fees not paid can be some of the reasons for rejection of the application form.
    • The applicant will have to pay the processing fees. Remember that the processing fees can keep fluctuating. It is always better to confirm with our executives about the latest fee structure before initiating the payment. For online applications the fees can be paid by card payment. For offline applications the fees can be paid by cheque or bank draft.
    • The completed form along with the required documents, photographs etc has to be submitted at the local Canada visa application centre. The application fees in non refundable. It will not be refunded if your application is rejected. Current conversion rate is applicable.
    • At the centre submit the application and pay the service charges. You will get a receipt with a tracking number using which you can track the status of your application. Biometrics will have to be given by the applicant.
    • The applicant can track the status of his application online.

  2. It is possible to extend the visitor visa. The candidate needs to submit the application for the same one month prior to the expiry of the visa.

  3. Citizens of certain countries can enter Canada without a visa. In order to get the updated list of these countries you can get in touch with our executives at Kansas Overseas Careers.

    • Always apply for the visa well in advance in order to give sufficient time for the processing of your application.
    • Make sure that you fill the form carefully and check the form before submitting the same
    • Make sure that you have all the forms and supporting documents while submitting the application.
    • Never ever give wrong details or false documents

FAQs Section


Under the Skilled Trades Worker category, the following family members may be included in an application:

  • Spouse or common law partner
  • Dependent child/children


The FSTW visas are generally processed in 6-12 months. The selection pattern solely depends upon the frequency of draws and ranking of the applicant in the pool.


In order to apply for a FSTW visa, the applicant must a qualifying job offer or a certificate of trades from the selected province. This certificate is called the certificate of qualification and symbolizes the candidates trade skills are recognized and accepted.

Note: We are a visa service provider & not any placement agency. We do not deal in any kind of direct placements/jobs but assistance only.

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