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Federal Skilled Worker Visa (FSW)

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Visa is one of the visa programs managed by Canada Express Entry. It is one of the commonly and widely chosen visa programs of Canada. Until 2015, applications to the Federal Skilled worker were limited to specific employment categories. With the introduction of Express Entry and its alignment with National Occupation Classified (NOC), occupants of varied sectors are able to apply for a Federal Skilled Worker visa.

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The Federal Skilled Worker Visa is designed to cater the needs of Canadian economy by bringing new and skilled talent to the country on permanent residency visa. Skilled professionals with young age and skills that are required to stabilize the Canadian economic can apply for a FSW visa and obtain the Canadian permanent residency status. This status grants the visa holder several Canadian rights, work rights and social benefits. Unlike any other work visa of Canada, this visa does not oblige the applicant to have a job offer before he enters into Canada. This means that factors like age, education, work experience, good English skills, adaptability and standard points are sufficient enough to help them meet the basic prerequisites of Canada immigration and gain Canadian permanent residency status.

  1. Federal Skilled Worker Visa is a skilled migration visa or permanent resident visa that allows to you to live, work and settle in Canada as a permanent resident. To be eligible for a skilled migration to Canada on a permanent resident visa, you need to be a skilled professional with eligible prerequisites. This means that you need to fulfill all criteria set by Canada to consider you eligible.

    To apply for a Federal Skilled Worker Visa, you need to score 67 out of 100 points on the immigration points grid. These points are allotted for factors like age, education, work experience, English language efficiency, adaptability etc. All your educational credentials must be assessed so as to meet the Canadian standards. You are required to create a profile with Canada Express Entry, which is called an Expression of Interest or EOI. This profile reflects your interest to immigrate to Canada and must feature all information related to your education, work experience, spouse details, Canadian adaptability etc. This profile is stored with all similar profiles of FSW visa applicants from worldwide in a pool of applications.

    A Comprehensive Ranking System is followed by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to selected eligible Federal Skilled Worker Visa applications for permanent residency from the pool. Each profile is allotted with a ranking based on their core human capital factors, job offer, spouse details etc. Profiles of a FSW visa with best ranking are selected during each draw conducted by CIC are issued with an Invitation to Apply for ermanent residency.

    A time of 90 days is given to selected candidates to file the final application of permanent residency, make the required fee payments and submit documents to the respective authorities.

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  2. To apply for a permanent residency of Canada on a Federal Skilled Worker Visa, you must:

    • Have an age below 50 years
    • Hold a Bachelors degree in any stream
    • Have at least 1 year of continuous full time or equivalent paid work experience gained in past 10 years from any occupation listed (NOC Skill Level 0, A or B)
    • Have good English language skills
    • Have a good conduct sound health

    Additional Points:

    Adaptability-Maximum 10 points
    Arranged employment- Maximum10 points

    While the above mentioned selection factors are considered to determine the initial eligibility, selection criteria runs on Comprehensive Ranking System. Below is a points allotment structure for CRS score Comprehensive Ranking System is used to rank applications of the pool considering several factors like:

    1. Core Human Capital Factors- age, education, work experience, language ability, adaptability etc
    2. Accompanying Spouse Factors- skills, education, experience etc. of your accompanying spouse
    3. Skills transferability Factors- soft skills interlinked with transferability factors
    4. Additional Factors- relations in Canada, provincial nomination, valid job offer, French skills, international education or work experience

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  3. The National Occupational Classification (NOC) is a list of occupations that are high-in demand in Canada. This list divides itself into different levels of skills type. To apply for FSW Visa, candidates must nominate for an occupation from Skill Type 0 (Managerial Occupations), Skill Level A (Professional Occupations), or Skill Level B (Technical Occupations and Skilled Trades).

    NOC Canada

    High-in-demand sectors

    Canada needs professionals in huge number from several sectors. With shortage specifically in these sectors, the country demands majorly professionals from these sectors on FSW visa. The sectors with shortage of workforce and increasing demand for talent are:

    • Information and Communications Technology
    • Engineering (all streams)
    • Human Resource
    • Sales and Marketing
    • Banking, Finance and Accounts
    • Healthcare and Medical
    • Arts, media and Entertainment
    • Education Sector
    • Legal Advisories and Law professionals

    • Canadian Permanent Resident Status
    • Long stay and full time work rights
    • Right to multiple entry and travel anywhere
    • Full-time work rights for spouse
    • Access to high paid jobs
    • Free healthcare for entire family
    • Free education for dependent children
    • Authority to sponsor eligible relatives
    • Unemployment and pension benefits
    • Right to apply for Canadian citizenship after 3 years

  4. The process to obtain a FSW PR visa is easy and well-structured. The Express Entry follows a selection-through-draw system in FSW visa processing. Below is an outline of how a FSW visa is processed under each stage of Canada Express Entry System.
    Educational Credential Assessment- An assessment of education conducted by WES and associated bodies so as to determine your education meets the Canadian standards.
    Expression of Interest: You are required to create an Express Entry account and a profile named Expression of Interest. This profile must feature all information related to your experience, education, accompanying partner skills, etc.
    Pool of Applications: The Expression of Interest application and many alike from worldwide lands in a pool called the Express Entry Pool. Based upon the Comprehensive Ranking Score of each profile, applications are selected through Canada Express Entry draws (conducted at frequent intervals). A CRS cut-off score is predetermined and candidates who reach that score or higher are picked up from the pool.
    Invitation to Apply: If your profile has a Comprehensive Ranking Score that falls into the cut-off score of the draw of Canada Express Entry, your profile is picked up from the pool and you are issued with an Invitation to Apply.
    Medicals, PCC & RPR Fee:An invitation to apply is a letter that says you are now eligible to submit the final Canada PR visa application and claim your PR status. A time of 90 days is given to you to complete all formalities like submission of medical certificates, police clearance certificates, right to permanent residency fee payment etc.
    Passport Stamping:Embassy takes time to review and approve the application. Post approval, the you get are requested to get your passport to the Embassy for stamping.
    Visa Grant: Upon final verification and approval, the FSW permanent resident visa is issued. A span of 3-6 months (may vary with each process) may be given to you to land into Canada.

  5. The process includes fees at various stages.

    Educational Credential Assessment Fees (WES)- 323 CAD

    Visa Fees- 550 CAD for primary applicant

    550 CAD for accompanying spouse/secondary applicant

    PR Fees- 490 CAD for primary applicant

    490 CAD for accompanying spouse/secondary applicant

    CAD stands for Canadian Dollars-currency of Canada

    Note: This does not include fee applicable to Kansas visa process services.

    • Counselling and Visa Selection
    • Evaluation
    • Customized Orientation and Checklist
    • EOI Lodgement
    • ECA application assistance
    • Resume Preparation & Job Search
    • Visa Process and Documentation
    • After Landing assistance

FAQs Section


Under the Skilled Trades Worker category, the following family members may be included in an application:

  • Spouse or common law partner
  • Dependent child/children


The FSTW visas are generally processed in 6-12 months. The selection pattern solely depends upon the frequency of draws and ranking of the applicant in the pool.


In order to apply for a FSTW visa, the applicant must a qualifying job offer or a certificate of trades from the selected province. This certificate is called the certificate of qualification and symbolizes the candidates trade skills are recognized and accepted.

Note: We are a visa service provider & not any placement agency. We do not deal in any kind of direct placements/jobs but assistance only.

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