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Canada Express Entry Visa Program (PR Visas)

Canada Express Entry  System (PR Visa)

Canada Express Entry is an electronic platform used by the Citizenship and Immigration Canada to manage permanent resident visa application selections. This system was introduced in 2015 as an alternative to the quota system of Canada. It is the world’s first system to have an organized allows a points based immigration.

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It eradicates the previous selection method wherein both semi-skilled and skilled professionals were issued permanent residency based on their selection in the specific quota rather than being judged on the parameters of skills and the requirement of the country with the Express Entry system in effect, Canada now invites skilled professionals from worldwide through a fair ranking procedure. It is linked with a National Occupation Classified- a listing of all occupations that are a high demand in Canada. It covers four programs, specifically helping immigration of four different classes-the skilled professionals, tradesmen, international students and candidates who are a priority to the provinces of Canada. Each of these programs has its own set of prerequisites of selection. By the means of the four programs of Express Entry, Canada gives a pathway to both economic class and families to obtain permanent residency status.

The Canada Express Entry is also a helpful platform for Canadian employers and the Governments of Canadian provinces to select candidates that meet their skills requirement. Through a feature of Job Bank and Provincial Nominee Programs, employers and provinces respectively can select and nominate candidates for the permanent residency of Canada.

  1. Canada Express Entry is an electronic platform designed to manage permanent residence visa applications of economic class immigration and family immigration. The system manages and selects applicants from a pool based on a comprehensive ranking system (points-based system).

    If you want to settle in Canada as a permanent resident, you need to obtain a permanent resident visa of Canada through Express Entry. You are required to meet the eligibility parameters of Canada immigration and apply for the visa through any of the four programs managed by Express Entry.

    Program 1: Federal Skilled Worker Visa- You can apply for permanent residency on FSW visa if you have skills required by the country and meet all the prerequisites of this visa program.
    Program 2: Federal Skilled Trade Visa- You can apply for this program if you are a certified skilled tradesperson with a valid job offer from a Canadian employer.
    Program 3: Canadian Experience Class- You can apply for this program if you are residing in Canada and represent Canadian adaptability like Canadian education or work experience gained in Canada (best for work permit holders and temporary residents)
    Program 4: Provincial Nominee Programs- This program has a series of programs from various provinces of Canada aligned with Express Entry. You can individually or simultaneously apply for this program along with FSW application if you have unique set of skills that meet the requirements of a Canadian province. This program consists of a range of visa programs from each province aligned with Express Entry. On successful selection, you receive a nomination to apply for permanent residency.

  2. Each programs of Canada Express Entry hold varied criteria to consider you eligible.

    The basic requirements of each program are

    Federal Skilled Worker Visa:

    • Age below 45 years
    • Bachelors Degree
    • Min. 2 years work experience
    • Occupation nominated from NOC
    • 67 Points on immigration points grid

    Federal Trades Worker Visa:

    • Skilled in a demanded trade
    • Valid job offer from Canadian employer

    • World’s most organized selection system
    • Easy points based application and selection system
    • Gives first preference to skilled immigration
    • Permanent residency can obtained on fair grounds
    • Range of programs to choose from
    • Allows family immigration

    • Express Entry is an electronic platform that helps you create a no cost profile called expressing your interest to migrate to Canada. This profile is called Expression of Interest and is kept active for a period of 12 months.
    • To create this profile, an initial evaluation is a must. By this evaluation, your profile is judged and determined whether it meets all the criteria of age, education, work experience language skills, etc. that are demanded for Express Entry applicants and only then it is taken up for the processing of Canada PR visa.
    • Canada Express Entry covers the act of Educational Credential Assessment. This means that to match the Canadian education standards, you are required to get your education credentials assessed (Educational Credential Assessment) by authorized bodies (commonly, World Education Services)
    • During the visa process under the Express Entry of Canada, you also need to represent your proficient English language skills. You need to obtain your English language assessment result from an a Canada approved English language assessing body (preferably IELTS)
    • It is equally important that you must have good health & be of a sound character to apply for Canada Permanent Residency through Canada Express Entry.

    • Federal Skilled Worker Visa-Evaluation & Process
    • Federal Skilled Traders Worker Visa-Evaluation & Process
    • Canadian Experience Class-Evaluation & Process
    • Provincial Nominee Program- Selection, Evaluation & Process
    • Resume Writing & Job Search Assistance
    • IELTS slot booking assistance & prep. material
    • Concierge Service

FAQs Section


Invitation to apply or ITA is a letter issued to applicants who are selected by Citizenship and Immigration Canada for permanent residency status. Based on the highest CRS ranking during a draw, CIC issues ITA. These means the chosen applicants are now selected for permanent residency and can complete the further formalities of obtaining the status.


Comprehensive Ranking System or CRS is a points based selection system followed by Canada Express Entry in order to issue Invitations to apply for permanent residency. All Expression of Interest profiles in the pool of are allotted with a ranking based on their core human factors (age, education, work experience,) job details, accompanying spouse details etc. Highest ranked profiles are selected for Canadian permanent residency through draws conducted at regular intervals.


Expression of Interest or EOI is the initial application/profile submitted to Express Entry. This profile features all information of the applicant like age, education, spouse details and represents his/her interest in migrating to Canada. All profiles from candidates from worldwide are stored into a pool of Express Entry.

Note: We are a visa service provider & not any placement agency. We do not deal in any kind of direct placements/jobs but assistance only.

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