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Canada Immigration

About Canada

Located in the northern part of the North America, Canada is today’s most commonly preferred destination to immigrate. With a culture that accepts all nationals and an organized immigration system, the country makes a permanent home to nearly 300,000 professionals and families each year.  The employment hub of Canada is evergreen and education is of the finest quality.

Why Canada?

For immigrants, the country entitles special schemes and exclusive benefits like free education, free healthcare, social security, pension, unemployment benefits etc. Canada offers a quicker citizenship to its immigrants than any other country, and for this very reason it has been often referred as an Immigrants Capital City.

Canada Immigration

The immigration system of Canada follows a points based selection system, which came to be known as the World’s First Immigration system to invite skilled talent through a systematic and fair points based selection pattern.

Until January 2015, the country followed a quota based system which had several loopholes. The Citizenship and Immigration, Canada in association with the Canadian Government analyzed the drawbacks and designed an easy-immigrant entry called as Canada Express Entry for skilled professionals. Through this Canada Express Entry, skilled workers who hold the ability to meet the Canadian economic demands are given first preference for permanent residency. This became a platform for the immigration authorities to analyze, manage and invite skilled professionals through a fair and unprejudiced ranking pattern. As Canada Express Entry gives way to an easy intake of skilled immigrants and also nominated unique skills through provincial nominee programs, immigration become a key drive for to solve its issues of economic imbalance.

Canada Express Entry

Canada Express Entry features programs suitable for the entry of skilled workers of varied areas. Skilled Professionals, temporary workers, international graduates and families can migrate to Canada easily through Express Entry on the basis of skills, points and financial stability. Eligible candidates are issued by conducting frequent draws, during which applications are selected based on their highest ranking. This system manages applications of permanent residency visas under four programs, designed in a way to cater the needs of the economy in different ways.

Four programs covered and managed by Canada Express Entry are:

Quebec Immigration

Quebec, a province of Canada follows its own immigration system. For one interested to settle in Quebec, they need to apply for Quebec immigration separately, which is not a part of the Canada Express Entry. Until mid year 2018, Quebec followed a first come first serve submission system to accept permanent residency applicants. From August 2018, Quebec immigration follows a system alike Express Entry, i.e. selection through points during invitation rounds.

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Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program

In 2017, Canada introduced the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program considering the needs of four Atlantic provinces, namely- Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland and Labrador. These provinces were facing a severe shortage of skilled workers and wanted talent at a faster pace. Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program operates on a employer-sponsored selection system. This means that candidates who want to settle in any of the four Atlantic programs of Canada need a valid job offer from an employer of these provinces.

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How To Start

To apply for visa programs under Canada Express Entry or Quebec immigration, they need to meet eligibility parameters and score standard points of the immigration grid. Our Initial Evaluation Service is designed to check eligibility of a candidate before applying for the visa.

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Canada Immigration

Kansas Overseas Careers has a team of visa case officers specialized in Canada Immigration. We at Kansas, analyze your profile, check your best chances to immigrate and help you successfully obtain the visa.

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