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Australia Immigration

About Australia

Australia, with its spectacular beauty and thriving tourism has attracted travelers from worldwide. Popularly known as the Land of Kangaroos, this destination stands among the top choices of people who plan vacations or short stay in overseas. The process of obtaining visas and the lesser stringent rules of the Australian Government add on to other reasons why people believe Australia is an ideal place to move abroad.

Why Australia?

By time, the nation has become more innovative with opportunities for professionals in major streams. The Medicare system of Australia strengthened and started imparting free healthcare to all the residents who make Australia their permanent home. All these massive developments and evergreen employment prospects created a magnetic pull among the skilled workers worldwide. Today, Australia is looked upon as the ideal destination for permanent stay and work by many nationals of the globe.

Australia Immigration

It was in the year 1945, the Australian Immigration Department was started and targets to invite skilled talent from outside were set. This immigration-drive was an initiative taken by the Australian Government in order to meet the growing skills demand of the economic sector. From time to time, the Government in association with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, Australia introduced Skilled Migration Programs and Humanitarian programs for the easy entry of skilled workers and refugees (families). Nearly 129,250 skilled migration visas and 13,750 humanitarian programs have been made available to apply for Australian permanent residency.

The most prominent and most commonly preferred visas for Australia permanent immigration or temporary immigration are below.

The Skilled Independent Visa Subclass – 189 is a permanent residence visa for skilled professionals who have skills, work experience and professional traits that are high in demand in Australia. The visa is granted based on the ability of a candidate nominate any occupation from the Skilled Occupation List and score 65 points for various factors, under the immigration points grid is the. No job offer or sponsorship is required to immigrate to Australia on a Skilled Independent Visa subclass 189 visa.

The Skilled Nominated Visa subclass – 190 is a pathway for Australian States to sponsor and invite talent that is most required within their economic. Candidates who have skills and experience in occupations that are listed under the Short term category of the Skilled Occupation List along with meeting parameters of subclass 189 visa qualify for this visa. States of Australia have a fixed quota to invite candidates under this visa program. The quota is refreshed annually and a opens at frequent intervals. Qualifying candidates receive a sponsorship certificate which implies that they have skills that are most needed by an Australian state and are first preference for permanent residency. This sponsorship boosts the chances of permanent residency success at a faster pace.

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The Skilled Recognized Graduate Visa subclass 476 is a temporary visa for recent Engineer graduates. Students of the Engineering stream, who are currently at a peak demand in Australia can move to Australia on this visa, without a need to produce a work experience. This visa is granted with a validity of 18 months. This means the eligible Engineer can live and work as a temporary resident in Australia for 18 months, gain Australian work experience and extend his stay through a successful permanent residency. While residing on this visa, there are several obligations one needs to follow.

Know The Process

To apply for visa programs of Australia immigration, you need to meet eligibility parameters and score standard points of the immigration grid. Our Initial Evaluation Service is designed to check eligibility of a candidate before applying for the visa.

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Kansas Overseas Careers has a team of visa case officers specialized in Australia Immigration. We at Kansas, analyze your profile, check your best chances to immigration and help you successfully obtain the visa.

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